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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sandy Quits

Sandy's quitting come 8th December 2008.

I've been very dependent on Sandy to remember stuff which works very well with twitter and email. All I need to do was to send Sandy a tweet/email and she'll take note of the tweet or message, be it a to do, a note or an appointment. Sandy will remind me via twitter and/or email of the tasks or appointments. A virtual secretary. Now that Sandy will be no more in a few days time, I feel like losing an employee.

I can still use Remember the Milk with twitter for the same functionality, though it wouldn't feel the same.

That's the price I have to pay for falling in love with free online services. What to do, I'm a cheapskate and will continue using free online applications and services. I doubt Gmail would shut down ... but you can never tell. I have to think of other email alternatives it it happens.

The creator of Sandy explained why he's pulling the plug on iwantsandy.com here, but I guess by the 8th December, the link will be switched off as well. More about the end of Sandy's career at WebWorkerDaily.com.

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