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Monday, July 7, 2008

Raven - Blogging from the thumbdrive

While looking for ways I can update this blog easier, I stumbled across this blog editng software that installs in my portable thumbdrive.

Raven, is a WYSIWYG blog editor that looks like an ordinary word processor, so using one should not be a major obstacle. It's just like writing in a Word documents and then publish the blog when you are done writing and when you are satisfied with the image layout.

One feature that I like is that I can write a few blogs and store them on the thumbdrive to be published later. I can write a few blurbs at a time, and publish the ones that I have completed. The unfinished blogs are saved in the thumbdrive, so, I can open the files, edit and publish whatever I've written, wherever I have access to a computer.

All published blogs are kept by the software, in the thumbdrive, acting like a backup to whatever I've posted to my blog. Plus, I can edit the older writings to make corrections or additions, then immediately republish them.

Being able to manage blogs offline is a great plus. On top of that Raven allows management of multiple blogs to multiple service provider. Raven supports services by Typepad, Blogger, Wordpress and a few others. I manage a few blogs using Blogger and Wordpress, so Raven is a lot of help.

Currently, Raven is still in beta and FREE. Hopefully will continue to be free ....

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